A Brief History of Roulette

There is still controversy as to where the roulette game comes from. Some declare that it took its start in China and was brought by traders and Dominican monks from the Far East to the Americas. Others are convinced that the roulette game stems from France, the word being French  for “small wheel,” and was created by the unruly and very famous French mathematician, Blaise Pascal in the 17th century.

Monaco still remains firmly affiliated to the roulette game because in the 18th century Prince Charles thought that it would be a helpful and stress free strategy to maintain the economic climate of the small country afloat. When the game came to America in the mid 19th Century the creation of the single zero was created by Frenchmen, Louis and Francois Blanc. However the American game now plays the double zero game while the European wheel still features the single zero game. The double zero game tips the odds in favour of the house. There are 2 different ways of playing roulette, there are 2 distinct wheels that are played which are the American wheel and the European wheel. The difference is very little in that the American wheel has 38 numbers which include 0, 00 and 1 to 36.

The European wheel contains 37 numbers including 0 and the numbers 1 to 36. Various other differences between the two forms of roulette are that in American casinos, the dealers make use of their hands draw in the bets while the European croupiers use a long stick called the Rake. Also in the us the roulette players are given various color chips and in Europe they are given of the same colour. After all these many years of play, roulette continues to be a very popular game especially in Europe.

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