Download Roulette Game

Roulette actually means “little wheel”…and that’s what you’re putting your belief in when you take a chance on this game. Spin the wheel of fate, place your bets and find out the way your luck is running with a bet on on line roulette.

This is a game with a small edge, as the many numbers around the wheel add up to precisely 666, a number supposedly linked to the Devil. It’s been said that the originator of the game (allegedly the mathematician Balise Pascale) offered his soul to Satan to get the secrets of chance and fortune, but all you need to do is turn on your computer and get comfortable!The object of this game is to correctly forecast which coloured and numbered slot the ball might be left in when the wheel stops spinning.

In the Download Roulette Game, bets are placed by positioning down chips on a table, in the following places: inside numbered blocks, on the intersection of two or four of the blocks, on the sections marked FIRST 12, SECOND 12 and THIRD 12, 1-18, 19-36, ODDS, EVENS, Black or Red, 0 lastly 2 to 1. The wider you distribute your bets, the higher your opportunity of winning, however the lesser the pay off as the ball only lands on one colour and number at any given time. After all bets are placed, the wheel will be spun and the ball released into motion. As soon as the wheel comes to a full stop, whatever numbered and coloured slot it has ended up in will be the winning number, eg RED 36.

Payouts are based on certain posted odds at the table, as far as which wagers pay off what amount.The download roulette game is purely a game of chance, there can be no strategy as the ball lands in random slots each time the wheel is spun.  The chances are stacked against you from the very start (in American roulette more or less 5.25%, and in the European version about 2.5 %), but that just makes winning more satisfying and the game even more of a excitement.

Roulette is a game to be savored and enjoyed…there’s no rush. So, choose your lucky numbers, and sit back while your virtual dealer spins you closer to that new car or pair of shoes…relax and enjoy the experience while you play internet roulette!